Monday, July 09, 2007

a new home for my blog.

i've moved!!!

from now on, (or at least for now), i will be here! so please visit me there. but i have no tagboard! :( boo hoo.. still figuring out how to use that thingy.. so bear with me.

see u there! :)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

my new fur.

ok. after much thought and determination, i finally decided that straightening my hair is the best way to go for my norway trip cuz it's much easier to manage. plus i wunt really have to cut it..

one last look at my (not-so-curly) curly hair.. i was so nervous, the hairdressers were so amused! haha.. ask joanne if you don't believe. sigh. haha. went to do this on friday so this post is kinda late but still! so yup. the 'before' shot.

in process. (they applied some ultra smelly cream thing to my hair and had this ufo thing swirling around my head. it was nice and warm. made me sleepier than i already was..)

ta-dah! after doing my hair, went out with joanne and her friends who brought us for supper. or at least wanted to go for supper but they took like 1 hour driving ard, only to decide to watch a movie in the end. so silly. so yup. this is the 'after' shot. not too bad i guess. normal right? haha! guess this would be my original hairstyle if i didn't perm it. but it is much softer with the treatment that i had too! :)

anyway, so this is just a short post to show off my new hair. still getting used to it. really like that it's softer. but kinda missing my messy hair. sigh. oh well. thinking if i shld cut it shorter. but shall leave it for a week or so for now then decide. :)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

random zoo shots

4 more weeks till the end of my internship at the zoo.
4 more weeks till i fly off for yet another long trip.


about this trip to norway.. i have mixed feelings. my emotions have been messed up about alot of things lately. sigh. i need a clear sign where i shld go, what i shld do! ah, oh well. perhaps this trip will shed some light... hopefully. shall not get too emotional / drama. haha.. here's some photos. (though not great photos...) enjoy:

that's me, the limo (8-seater) buggy that i drive and will miss dearly when i leave.. *it's the same buggy i took my buggy test with.. * and 2 ah mengs on board! haha.. me and desiree had to transport these huge ah mengs back to the store. haha.. must have been a pretty funny sight cuz we were carrying it half-way round the zoo to get to the buggy then had them as passengers as we drove to the warehouse. :)

some scenic shots. nice right? makes me feel like i'm in korea or something. don't ask me why but i do. haha! that's upp seletar reservoir anyway, i think.

here's another attempt to take in the scenery. both man-made and natural. sighhh..

this poor field mouse was caught in the trap at our office. was walking to the toilet and saw it. poor thing. i seriously don't think it is a rat but everyone thinks it is. heard how they will exterminate it, contemplated with some female colleagues about releasing it, was 'warned' by ops not to, went for lunch, came back and it was not there anymore. heard that they were either going to ask Origin (our external pest exterminators) to kill it or they will drown it in HOT water. yikes. i don't wanna find out where it went to, what happened to it. sigh..

the first dinner outing with the rest of the interns. went to botak jones (ang mo kio). the food is not too bad. the menu is interesting. heard it's pretty famous too. had lamp chops with rosemary. not too bad but the lamb was so small.. yikes. the chicken wings (from the other stall) were not bad though.

took a picture of a nice flower there. my photography skills are not too bad huh! haha.. the flower is so clear! heh. actually there's a function on the casio that's for flowers so i used that! haha....

meet melvin, writer of men's health magazine. he came to the zoo cuz he was writing a column called "try-guy". basically, he goes round to try all the fun stuff (for free! and gets wonderful photos of it to keep.) and write a couple of pages on what he did and stuff like that. a pretty cool job for a pretty cool guy.

here's melvin with mahout ng (the guy who always asks me for coffee), the asst. head elephant keeper. both very nice guys. ng might not be friendly at the start. was pretty afraid of him at first but now, he's really nice. will miss him when i leave. together with all the elephant trainers. they are the nicest pple to me in the zoo! :)

melvin is so lucky to get to bathe the elephants. something i wish to do too. seems easy n fun but i think it's really dangerous! he's really damn lucky. sigh. i hope one day i will get the chance too!!!

had my first half-day off work last wed. went to run errands with lionel and saw this as we were leaving the bank. this must be a lady driver! hello kitty dude! quite cute.

there was this whole bunch of flowers near lionel's place. they were all so lovely i didn't know what or how to capture it. so i quickly snapped a shot and left. think the owner saw me. haha. i love frangipanis!! they're pretty.. i think i will have them if i have a nice big garden next time. sigh.

2 pink cars seen on the same day! what are the chances. this car is totally diff. nice too.. was parked outside some church. and this nun was staring at me as i took this picture. was it her car?!?!? hmmm.. haha.

photoshoot for sam (zoo curator), suria and leela. leela is the fat one. really fat and round. couldn't stop laughing when she walked out. haha. but she's really cute and old.

duncan felt like mac's yesterday. and so he bought for the whole finance department and all the interns.. such a sweetie.. but it must have been pretty expensive.. each had coffee and sausage mcmufiin.. nice.

2nd outing with the interns. from left to right: meiyen from HR, song jie from finance, desiree from sales. we went to the prata house at thomson i think. haha..

from left to right: xinyu from advertising and promotions, and duncan from finance. check out the amount of food that we ordered man..

i had kosong prata, bomb prata (which was really sweeeeet! like really sweet cuz it's all condensed milk..) and mushroom n onion prata (which was customed made.. haha. it was not on the menu but i ordered it like how u order an omelette at a hotel breakfast buffet.. haha!), mutton curry and teh peng!

duncan's plaster prata. not a particularly attractive sounding prata name but i think it looks pretty yummy. sunside up on top of ur kosong prata.. with mutton curry, that should be good!

a closer look at my mutton curry! i must say it's not the yummiest mutton curry in the whole wide world but it wasn't too bad at all!

yesterday, natalie (writer) came to interview Night Safari porcupine keeper. and had to take some photo shots too. that's the indian crested porcupine btw. we have the malayan porcupine and indian crested porcupine at the Night Safari. the malayan are the smaller of the 2. ai ping (keeper) was feeding them banana and sweet potato.. they are noisy eaters and would finish everything.. even the banana skin.. they are rodents, according to ai ping.

ok. i hope this post was not toooooooo confusing. it's a compilation of the different highlights for the past 2-3 weeks. haha..


Friday, June 22, 2007

a little something.

In the office right now... was checking my hotmail cuz it's super full and found this from a friend. haha. :)

Before the marriage:

He: Yes. At last, it was so hard to wait.
She: Do you want me to leave?
He: NO! Don't even think about it.
She: Do you love me?
He: Of course!
She: Have you ever cheated on me?
He: NO! Why you even asking?
She: Will you kiss me?
He: Yes!
She: Will you hit me?
He: No way! I'm not such kind of person!
She: Can I trust you?

Now after the marriage you can read it from bottom to the top !!!!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

zoo - week 3,4,5,6

OOPS.... i wanted to have a weekly journal thing on my internship.. BUT heh. OOPS..

anyway, not like everyone's interested in the animals that i like to post.. haha.. and i realise that i dun bring my camera ard that much anymore. sigh..

btw, the camera that i've been using for the last one year (i think.. or more than that.), is the casio exlim which i just bought from lionel for $150... yay!!! cheap cheap.. plus it has so much sentimental value since i've been using it so much more than lionel.. heee.. he got a new (really fat and heavy) camera that takes really good pictures that mine cant.. esp at night.. so it's good i suppose..

so anyway, here are some animals shot that i took that are pretty nice..

this shot is of the proboscis monkey.. duno what's up with them that day.. all looking downwards.. hmm..

a jaguar. some animal leg was hung there during their token feeding session and this silly jaguar bit onto the leg and refused to let go even when it couldn't get a bite out of it.. so it was dangling there for pretty long.. like 10-15 mins!!

white tiger.. i love them.
this one should be omar. the only male white tiger we have at the zoo.
baby rhino! jelani is its name.. if i'm not wrong.

the other day i witnessed rhinos fighting.. the next day when i went back, i saw that one had a wound. guess it lost the fight.. but luckily it's not too bad..

cotton-top tamarin? i think. haha.. these animals look like aliens.. their faces at least. haha. since they're free ranging, they can come quite close sometimes. :)
douc langurs or costume apes. they like to back face everyone when they're eating. they're really really pretty.. if u look at its eyes, u will be lost forever.. they have really pretty eyes..
white-faced saki monkeys. only the males have the white face. the other one is a female.. so it doesn't have that.
komali. our matriarch elephant. pretty huh. but she likes to take her own sweet time doing stuff.. like walking, lying down, etc.

baby orang utan!!
these two orang utans look damn bored during photography session. haha. looks like 2 old man..
baby orang utan will always hang on to its mom.. so it will keep pulling the fur of its mom to prevent from falling.. but being curious and mischevious, it was trying to reach for the plants too..
this particular orang utan always looks bored and hardly participates in the photography session. it will always move to another branch when it's time to take photos.
tree kangaroo! i'm really happy i got this shot.. cuz usually u hardly spot this animal. and when u do, u cant get any nice pictures.. it's always blocked by leaves and all..

baby baboon.
nice picture of a spider web.. :)
i really like this photo too.. it's really clear too.. i feel like a pro when i look at this photo.. haha! somehow..
my ride at the zoo!! this is the buggy i usually drive ard when i bring media pple around.. pretty nice huh.

me n my brother.....

the penguins are new!! but they look like robots.. haha.. too squarish i think.
2 of my intern friends.. we went to the night safari on thurs night. and i realise that i am pretty short!! yikes!.
haha... lastly.. i wanna show off.. MTV VJs May and Choy visited the zoo for a photoshoot.. and i asked to take a photo with them!! they're really very nice, very funny and really friendly!! plus they're really really pretty!! and May said she has the same jeans as me!! which is from pull n bear btw.. haha. May is the one in orange, Choy is in blue..
a closer look. haha. they were standing so close to me, i can feel the heat from their faces! and their arms were around me.. waaaaahhh.. haha!!

ok.. so anyway, i know my job looks damn fun but actually week 6 was a pretty depressing week.. but i shall not say anything here. haha.. i still have 8 more weeks to go... i dun wanna die yet.. just in case anyone reads this.. haha..

anyway, my supervisor is on leave since thurs till wed.. so till then, i'm pretty much independent and kinda lonely and kinda scary.. handling all the visits and all by myself.. i feel like a grown up.. haha. i just hope i dun screw anything up too badly.. yikes. wish me luck! :p

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Zoo internship - week 2

hmm.. second week's come and gone.. not too bad. the more interesting days i had last week was tues, thurs and sat. interesting becuz there was filming at the zoo and i can to bring them ard and watch them do their stuff.

On tues and thurs, this filming crew from Dua M Pte Ltd came. They were doing a show which is airing on kids central every Saturday at 1pm. It’s called ‘no problem bureau’.

At first when I saw them it was a little weird cuz it’s my first time bringing a filming crew ard so being the nervous sort, I was going a little crazy.. and plus I dun watch kids central so I din expect them to be dressed the way they were. Heh.. see photos to know what I mean. Anyway, it was not too bad. The crew was really friendly.

OH!! I almost forgot.. I just passed my buggy driving test on Tuesday morning!! Was supposed to drive this filming crew ard but I really wasn’t too confident. Haha.. and plus my supervisor wasn’t too sure I can drive yet.. so haha.. but anyway, the driving thing really made my day.. :):)

On thurs, the same crew came back to finish their filming.. so it was pretty nice too.. just watching them and laughing along. Haha..

Oh.. and apparently they’re quite a hit with the kids. Like they’ll be kindergarten kids walking pass them and shouting “Yugo or Yuko (name of girl) and Mego (name of guy), Saturday, kids central, 1pm.. No Problem…” haha.. so it was quite nice. Like they’re really famous.. haha..

they were filming and i was keeping myself busy, taking photos of them and the animals. :)

they keep having to stop their filming cuz the kids were shouting and waving at them. haha..

there was this scene with one of our zookeepers. he was so funny! he was telling me that he did national geographic and animal planet before but never kids central. so the producer was asking them to relax and be more animated. it was hilarious. haha.. i took quite a number of videos. but i dun think i'll upload. heee..

here are some picures of some animals that i took.. this is a picture of merkats. there're really quite cute. one of the animals i love.. hee.. they always stand up to keep a lookout for predators and all.. doing sentry duty. :)

common iguana. this was allowed to roam at the fragile forest exhibit. i was pretty close to it.. and it was pretty big..

2-toed sloths enjoying fruits. this was also taken at the fragile forest.

these are like fruit bats. there's a name for them but i cant rem. haha.. they pretty harmless..
smiggle. haha! it's actually a little baboon.. i took so many pictures of this little guy.. he's cute.
banded mongoose. they're quite similar to merkats i think. but these are pretty smelly.. cuz they like to use urine to mark out what's theirs.. and they use it pretty often too..
check this orang utan out.. it was so bored of pple lining up to take pictures with them.. it was just looking at its nails, puffing its cheeks, lying ard.. haha.

ring-tailed lemur.. this animal was jumping all ard.. freaked me out a bit actually but i realise it doesn't really attack unless u provoke it.. which is like most other animals.
rrrraaarrrr... tiger!! heee. nice picture huh!!
it's actually just a paper bag.. can u tell? haha.. there are only white tigers at the singapore zoo.. which are so so so so pretty.. i absolutely love them.. the orange ones are found at the night safari i think.

ok..that's the summary of my week 2 of internship at the zooo zoo zooo.. :) i'm actually blogging in the office because my supervisor is not in today and she din leave work for me.. hmm.. i should msg her later or something. oh well.. btw, can check out the "no problem bureau" show on sat.. think the one on the zoo is airing this coming sat..